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What message do you need to share with the world, but you’re just not sure how to get started?  No problem.  We got YOU!  Already got the play written out and need a venue, actors, sets… ?  Maybe you just need an awesome marketing team to get the word out.  Great!  You’ve come to the right place.  ShowItt Entertainment supports the arts in a big way!

Sr. Pastor James E. Chandler, Sr. is a gifted actor and playwright.  He has always believed that a theatrical production or the written play is a powerful and enjoyable venue for the Word of God.   Thousands of happy theater goers who have been blessed by his productions agree.  The following productions were written, directed and produced by James and Kelly Chandler, Sr.

  1. The Hill – Part I
  2. The Hill – Part I ‘Say Amen’
  3. The Hill – Part III ‘Snapped!’
  4. Willie’s World
  5. Garden To The Glory
  6. The Last Seven Saying


  • Chan’s Heart

    Chan's Heart is a collection of gospel music written by James E. Chandler, Sr. Listen to sample file

  • My Year Of Increase

    Listen to your favorites again!

  • Dropped The Charges – Collection

    Get all your favorites in one album.

  • The Hill Soundtrack

    Musical selections from THE HILL series.